About Us

KPOWER is specializing in Servos for RC Toys and actuator for Robotics and Industrial Applications with excellent KPOWER engineering team and skilled workers. We started the business in 2005 and we are strive to provide the high quality products to our clients around the world. We Continue to satisfy our clients based on our highly successful one-stop service. kPOWER has grown from a small brand in 2005 to a global leader in the area of independent developing consuming actuator over the last 13 years.

As a professional and experienced manufacturer, we do integrated work with self-research & development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The Headquarter and Factory where is located in Dongguan. Both Oversea Sales and R&D Departments is based in Shenzhen, where is considered as Chinese version of Silicon Valley. On the other hand, Educational Marketing Department can be found in Jiangsu.